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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 17, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> rick: hello, everybody. welcome to a new hour inside headquarter's news headquarters. i -- america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. topping the news hour, nation's finest heading home. we have a live report. >> rick: and accused of thousanding of pages of classified documents and then sending them to wikileaks for all the world to see. bradley manning in a military court today. >> arthel: christmas countdown. are you like thousands of americans procrastinators this year and dreading the mad rush to find gifts at the last
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minute? we have good news for you. consumer reports. >> rick: but first on fox, 6:00 on the east coast. u.s. lawmakers coming up big in a last-minute holiday rush on capitol hill. the senate passing two pieces of major legislation. affecting millions of americans. the extension of payroll tax cut and massive spending bill. with a vote months away, some folks wonder how long the holiday will last. mike emanuel on capitol hill. busy day. the senate passing the tax deal. already there is rumbling. isn't there? >> reporter: no question. it passed 89-10 in the senate but the house republicans are not happy with the deal because they don't like the two-month extension. they refer a year. we watch to see how the drama plays out. the house has to sign off on it.
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of the ten senators who reject the plan, they don't like messing with money that is supposed to go to social security. republican mark kirk of illinois. >> i think 60 days from now, more and more americans will realize this is a gimmick. that it's pushing social security further in the red. that seniors should remind their legislators that they are not on a welfare program. it's a retirement security program and should run off contribution of the workers. it shouldn't depend on the financial strength on downgraded government debt. >> should it be signed in law? should it be signed in law. 50 days smack dab in the middle of primary season in an election year. if the politics were rough now, they may only get rougher later. >> rick: let's talk about the other piece of legislation. the $1 trillion funding bill that passed. what is said about that? >> reporter: well, we heard outrage from senator john mccain on the senate floor
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saying it's a 1,200-plus page bill and nobody read it. he didn't like how it was negotiated with the appropriation folks doing it from behind closed doors and rolled out before christmas. floor of the senate we heard from the majority leader who had this to say. >> people may be disturbed about some of the stuff on the floor. it was true legislation. compromise. omnibus bill, there are a lot of things in that i don't like. i bet you every senator here has something in that they don't like. >> reporter: bottom line, senator reid says that is a major compromise, the bill. massive bill. print and colated will be sent toth the for for his signature. >> rick: mike emanuel on capitol hill. thank you. go back to the payroll tax cut bill for a minute that directly affects 160 million americans.
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it is part of an earlier debate. part of a 2010 tax agreement that extented the bush era tax cut. it cut the amount of the social security taxes that employees pay from 6.2% to 4. 4.#%. that means $20 extra a week for workers. if they failed to act the plan would have expired next month. >> arthel: u.s. troops in iraq gearing up for final mission. heading home for the holidays. president obama using the radio internet address to welcome the brave service members and congratulate them for a job well done. meanwhile, republicans say the important task at hand right now is finding good paying jobs for returning vets. molly henneberg live in washington. molly, so, president obama spoke today of what iraq war vet could do once they return home. >> president obama says he is confident that the men and
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women served in iraq decide to come home and leave after military service will continue their commitment to service, as he puts it. and help rebuild america. >> today's generation of veterans, the 9/11 generation of veterans is armed with the skills, discipline and leadership to attack the defining challenge of our time. rebuilding an economy where the hard work pays off re responsibility is reward and anyone can make if it they try. >> the president praised the honor and bravery of the troops who were leaving iraq and say they will always have the thanks of a grateful nation. >> arthel: republicans say they have an idea to help create jobs for returning vets and others. can you tell us about that? >> they are pressing the president to give the go-ahead for the keystone pipeline to create tens of thousands of jobs and help transport 700,000 barrels of oil a day from canada to refineries in the u.s. >> canada has made it clear. if you don't build the
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pipeline the united states will lose these jobs and canada will sell the oil to china. we will be forced to get more of our energy from the middle east. if the president successfully blocks the new jobs it will add to his long list of bad economic decisions for our country. >> the obama administration put off a time decision on the keystone xl pipeline until after next year's presidential election in part so more environmental studies can be done. >> arthel: molly henneberg, thank you very much. >> rick: the defense secretary leon panetta going where new public defense chief has gone before. in his trip to libya. in the wake of that country's revolution and the death of muammar gaddafi, national security correspondent jennifer griffin traveling with the defense chief. >> reporter: this is the first trip that u.s. secretary of defense ever made to libya. it come days after an armed
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militia tried to assassinate the head of libya's new army. days ago, they rocketed the airport where the secretary plane landed. consolidated the competing militia is a top priority for the fledgling libyan government. here the protestant similartary where 13 u.s. sailors were buried in 1804, the defense secretary laid a wreath. the sailors were on board the intrepid, a naval vessel led by thomas jefferson to put an end to the pirate raid to affect the u.s. trips in the mediterranean. the ships blew up, bodies float aid shore and bodies dragged through the street of tripoli. 207 years ago. the cemetery has been maintained since then. the move to get remains repatriateed gained steam in congress. the authorization bill has a provision to require the defense secretary to study the possibility of returning these
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remains home. for now, 13 u.s. sailors remain intered here in tripoli. traveling with the defense secretary, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> rick: thank you for that report. and it's reported that the trip by the defense secretary happens on a momentous occasion, right? >> arthel: one year ago that they kicked off the entire arab spring. >> rick: government changed since that day. >> arthel: yeah. voices can be heard. meanwhile, major developments in case of one of the biggest u.s. security briefing in history. armed private bradley manning accused of leaving the treasure trove of documents to the website wikileaks. now it looks like the case against him will be moving forward. peter doocy has more from washington. >> reporter: the u.s. military won't say where army private bradley manning is being held in his trial for security reasons, other than to say he is not being kept at
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quantico. fort meade, virginia, is where it will move forward because it's been ruled that the presiding officer in the case is not biased. even though manning's defense argued that his old job at the justice department should disqualify him because the justice department has been investigating the wikileaks founder julian assange. but he says he only worked in child exploitation division of the d.o.j. and the appeals court says he shows no sign of biased so the trial is on. so we got a glimpse of manning for the first time in since his arrest 19 months ago. he appeared cool most of the time. he spoke softly and took notes intermittently. a lot of manning sympathizers showed up outside his hearing yesterday. they think the government is being too harsh on the a.m. private and one made his way to the courtroom screaming out "bradley manning, you are a hero."
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but manning didn't turn under to look at the person, a veteran for peace. so if the military puts him on trial for the biggest leak of classified intelligence in american history, he has friends present. none of them have the ability to get him out of military custody on his 24th birthday, which is today. >> arthel: peter doocy reporting from washington. thank you, peter. ♪ ♪ >> rick: a pretty big deal tomorrow you should know about. republican presidential candidate mitt romney is joining "fox news sunday" for his very first sunday show interview in over two years. we have a sneak peek of the exclusive interview. >> i think we will find that this president by not putting in place a status of forces agreement with the iraqi leadership has pulled our troops out in a precipitous way and we should have left
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ten, 20, 30,000 personnel there. to help transition to the iraqi all military capability. i hope it works out. >> rick: you don't want to miss mitt's one-on-one with chris wallace. if you watch the fox news debate the other night, you know chris knows how to ask the pointed questions. so we will be interested to watch that. you can check your local listings. for the time and channel. it is on fox news channel, the rebroadcast at 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. >> arthel: in another g.o.p. presidential candidate, michele bachmann. she is pushing back against recent claim that she hates muslims. her opponent ron paul making a comment in the appearance on the nbc "the tonight show" last night. in her bus tour today, bachmann told politico she hadn't seen the clip. but later, our own mike huckabee played it for her. listen to their exchange now. >> he made a petty bold, i
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would go so far to stay outrageous allegation that you hate muslims. i have never seen that in you. respond. >> you are exactly right. i never have said anything that foolish. what i believe is i love the american people. i love this country and i want it to be safe, sovereign and free. the issue here coming from the president of iran. he hates jews. he hates jews in israel and he hates the american people. so do mullah in iran who has stated it's their goal to show jews in israel and kill americans. that is a real threat. that is why as commander in chief of this nation i will stand up and make sure that iran never obtains a nuclear weapon. i will stand with our ally israel. >> arthel: conversation didn't stop there. catch the interview tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "huckabe
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"huckabee." >> rick: fox news extreme weather alert for you. devastating situation in the philippines, where more than 400 people have been killed after a typhoon hits the southern part of that country. that death toll is expected to rise. tropical storm causing the flash floods and landslides. tens of thousands of people from their homes. the secretary of state hillary clinton just releasing a statement on the tragedy saying in part the u.s. government stands ready to assist the philippine authorities as they respond to the tragedy. the thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected. turning now to our own country and a major storm that could produce rain and snow ahead of the christmas holiday. maria molina has more on that. >> we have unsettled weather across the u.s. before but it forms across the southwest, quiet weather across most of the country. a few slight snow showers across portion of the great lakes right now.
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the interior northeast. most not reaching the ground or accumulating out there. slippery roadways maybe to keep an eye out for. further west, across south texas, we have rain looming. they need the rain across texas. they are in a drought for over a year. any moisture we can get, we will take. though it's not enough to put out of the drought. across the southwest, showers popping up across southern california. that is going to be increasing in coverage. and in intensity. it is windy out there because of the storm system. it's really all we will see. the santa ana winds out there in 70 miles per hour. across southern california. it will be a concern heading to tonight and also in tomorrow. again, it will start to increase in intensity. the storm will lengthen and bring in activity across the southwest. look at snow. across new mexico. colorado or we have seen snow across the ski resort, so more
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good news for those areas. if you are traveling, careful. it could be impacted. monday night, we look at rain across part of texas, oklahoma, where we need the rain. back side of that, we will get colder. start with snow. we are talking about four to eight inches of snow across kansas. where we already have a winter storm watch in effect. of course, something that we will look at, as we head to start of the workweek. the highs, 60 for texas. 50 in kansas city. 47 in denver. look at new york city, 34-degrees. it will get colder out there. >> rick: it feels like it already. we go outside later in the show. i was smart enough to remember my jacket this time. thank you very much. >> arthel: because you listened to me this time. >> rick: i did. >> arthel: very good. we have a new nationwide effort to stimulate the economy as we head to the holiday rush. shoppers now urged to not only buy from the local businesses
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but to ste take it a step furth. pran pan has more. >> reporter: th -- elizabethpra. >> reporter: the small businesses tell us consumers are heading out the holiday season, looking for goods made by americans and sold by americans. madeline is doing what she loves to do. making a living at the same time. >> i appreciate the support from the community. >> reporter: support from customercustomers who were chooo buy directly from the local artists instead of buying imported gifts this holiday season. >> what it does, it creates a pattern. a cycle of growth. invigoration and productivity in your community. what it mainly does is it bolsters the community. >> reporter: malini owns the beehive. atlanta store filled with work from the local artists.
3:17 pm
she says the shoppers are spending money knowing it's staying in their community. >> not only are you buying products from a small business in your community, the products are made in the community as well. >> some shoppers are proud to support their neighbors, knowing where the goods come from as a unique holiday shopping touch. >> in this recession, small business is where the growth is occurring. entrepreneurs and small business development. i think we can do our part shopping with the small businesses to help generate economic growth. >> reporter: small businesses tell us that they are living proof it creates jobs, because they need to hired skill associates and managers but the local businesses need to hire everyone from accountants to web designers. all of those jobs have to be local. >> arthel: a really good idea. glad you brought the story to us. >> thank you. >> arthel: i don't have to remind everybody time is running out to finish your
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holiday shopping. don't panic. coming up in the consumer report, we'll tell you where to get great last-minute grifts no matter what your budget might be. including one made right here in america. >> rick: that is why i brought my coat. that's when we are going outside. all right, when we come back, high-profile new york lawmakers throwing their support behind the tsa overhaul. what it could mean for your future travel plans. >> arthel: plus a major milestone for the occupy wall street movement. latest details coming up next. [ morgan ] the super bowl. the most epic day in america. [ crowd cheering ] hey man. three grams of fiber? yeah, i'm watching what i eat. how would you like to pay? use your visa card for a chance to win a trip to super bowl x-l-v-i for you plus ten friends. it's in indianapolis. [ morgan ] use your visa card and you could win a trip to super bowl xlvi for you and ten friends. more fans go with visa.
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>> rick: this is saturday, get you caught up on headlines. senate passing a $1 trillion spending bill, and will fund the government in new year. army private first class bradley manning in a military hearing today, accused of leaking classified u.s. documents to the website wikileaks. his defense laying out part of his defense earlier today. demonstrators gathering in new york marking three month since occupy wall street movement began. the event taking place near church-owned lot where protesters were arrested last night. >> arthel: we have a buyer beware story this holiday season. many shoppers may be using mobile devices to buy gifts.
3:23 pm
look out, according to consumer union buyers using the wireless devices get fewer legal and financial protection. joining us now, richard salvo and founder of the richard salvo consulting and former managing director of morgan stanley. good to see you. >> you, too. >> arthel: what they are doing is they use the cell phone, mobile device, e-books, et cetera, to charge to your phone bill? >> that is correct. >> arthel: really? so you are saying that is not necessarily a good idea? >> it's not a good idea. it's convenient. but since when is always convenient necessarily a good idea? we go along and use our phone. get an app, and download, buy cup of coffee or whatever, any services. but unfortunately it doesn't carry the same consumer protection law as your credit cards. so the demand is not there yet, amid the technology that is needed. it doesn't connect yet. >> arthel: so you are saying if you are going to use the mobile payment, the mobile
3:24 pm
linking if you will, better way to go instead of charging it to your phone bill, put it on a credit card. >> correct. perfect world, the technology today, get my prompt. it could take this phone, right and you will see now i'll be able to swipe it soon. until that happens and it's a common occurrence for all of us, better off using a credit card. that has all the protection you want or liabilities. if you don't like the purchase or something is broken. even the roadside assistance, it doesn't give you that. >> arthel: what about perhaps linking the mobile payment to a debit card or your bank account? >> that is fine. that is fine. there you don't have the debt inyoincurred and you have more protection. but again, still be careful. if it does happen you don't have the same consumer rights as you do when you have a credit card. it's very specific laws an things that happened through the years to create consumer right for you. this is a convenience. i'm take my consumer
3:25 pm
protection over convenience. >> arthel: if you link it to your bank account you worry about not spending too much. to avoid that, some people say maybe what i'll do is connect it to a prepaid card. not necessarily a good idea either. >> that is correct. anything you pay this, you still have a hard time getting back money if there was a problem, item was broken. especially if things are stolen. think of this as a credit card. someone can go and use it. now there is only one carrier out there that says don't worry about it, we're covered. verizon. but all the rest said no, no, no. if it takes you four hours to realize you lost this and someone is charging away, too bad for you. >> arthel: so what if you want to link it again -- few you have to be careful not losing the mobile device. say you continue on and link it to a gift card? >> you can link it to a gift card. but just remember something. >> arthel: same thing. >> once you make that purchase, the difference is how can i pull it back in the item -- once, if the item was
3:26 pm
broken you may have a hard time getting your money back. >> arthel: though we are all looking forward to living forward n the day of "jetsons" the technology is not there. it's not locked in and synced in with the consumer protection. >> correct. the convenience is there. that's it. give it time. we all want this to be the panacea for life. not yet. that's all. end there. >> arthel: finally, i think you want to make one last point about cell phones. especially around the holiday season. >> i did. thank you. as i was driving in today, i saw so many people doing this. they were driving. i want you to know, last year there were 6,000 deaths related to people and cell phone driving. in the spirit of what we're trying to do, we know it's become important to us but use it with pause. caution. >> arthel: not more important than anybody's life. rich, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> arthel: great. rick? >> rick: thanks very much. a new call for passenger
3:27 pm
advocate at airports. they are calling to create the new position after high profile cases by the airport screeners. julie banderas has the report from laguardia airport in new york city. >> reporter: rick, if all the airlines have spokes people protecting them, should an advocate be assigned to protect passengers? that is the question lawmakers want an answer to. schumer and michael gianaros of queens want the transportation security administration to create the position at all airports to immediately act on complaints over passengers over the security screening. the proposal prompted by an elderly woman recent claim she was strip searched by officials at kennedy airport, which the t.s.a. denies saying it doesn't conduct strip strip searchers. schumer says it's time for passengers to have a voice. >> before have your complaint raised before you have the
3:28 pm
privacy is violated. you have to wait until after. that gives two rotten choices, don't go on a plane or submit to humiliating experience. >> reporter: the t.s.a. says it is planning the own advocacy service to ensure all passengers are treated with dignity and respect. spokesperson tells fox, t.s.a. has customer service representatives at most major airports and already announced plans to celt up an 800-number. as a influence for passenger -- resource for passengers with medical assistance or those requiring assistance during screening to call before getting to the airport. hotline is expected to be available in the near future. currently, the t.s.a. does have the customer reps at most airports under the schumer plan, an advocate would easily be summoned in person by any passenger who feels they were inappropriately searched. rick? >> rick: julie banderas reporting from laguardia airport. in queens in new york city. thank you very much, julie. >> arthel: a popular
3:29 pm
place -- >> rick: busy. >> arthel: in the next few days. go to the west coast now and fingers crosse crossed in southn california. a tanker truck explodes damaging a major freeway and shutting down traffic. officials are hopeful that the worst may be over. new information straight ahead. >> rick: plus, president obama reacting to major legislation passed by the senate today. ed henry has a preview for us. hi, ed. >> reporter: good to see you, rick. president feeling good about payroll tax cut deal. is at it done deal? maybe, maybe not. we have full details from the white house in a minute. the droid razr by motorola. the newest droid armed with motocast. granting you wireless access to files on your home computer from almost anywhere. 4g lte equipped to pull pictures, music, and movies. all at mind-melting speeds. powered by verizon,
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all day pain relief with just two pills. ♪ feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8. ♪ ♪ >> rick: welcome back, everybody. bottom of the hour. time for the top headlines. nato marking the end of the seven-year training mission in iraq with ceremony in baghdad, green zone. >> arthel: a witness telling police she saw her neighbor
3:34 pm
shoot her own 10-month-old baby. the mother, baby and three others found dead in an illinois home yesterday. police are investigating. >> rick: crews getting closer to fully reopening highway in southern california that was damaged in a tanker fire. traffic now flowing in the westbound lanes. the california highway patrol says all lanes will be reopened by tomorrow. >> arthel: an action-packed saturday. major developments from the nation capitol today. congress agreeing on two-month extension to payroll tax cut and jobless benefit. president obama welcoming the deal and saying the short-term m's does not go far enough. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live with details. ed, we know that the president gave a bit to make the deal happen, right? >> no doubt about it. the white house can claim it as a victory, because it's something that the president has been pushing for, for long time. going back to september when they first introduced the american jobs act. the payroll tax cut extension was the centerpiece of that.
3:35 pm
but he paid a heavy price to get it, as you know. he gave up ground on the keystone pipeline. we can talk about that in a minute. he didn't get the $447 billion of the jobs bill he originally wanted. he had to lose the millionaire surtax he wanted to pay for it. and also, this is only a two-month extension, not a full one-year extension that he wanted. but the president sounded confident that come february when it expires congress will work with him to fix it. take a listen. >> we've got a lot more work to do for people who sent us here. but today, i'm glad this both parties came together. i want to thank them for ensuring that as we head to the holidays, folks at home don't have to worry about their taxes going up. >> rick: the president said it should be formality for republicans in congress to agree with him to extent this when it expires in 60 days. but if anyone has been watching capitol hill closely, there are no formalities up there. we are getting word that there
3:36 pm
is a conference call among house republicans. they have to pass the payroll tax cut bill. it passed in the senate but not the house yet. opposition growing from some rank and file republicans in the house. we still have to see if the final deal is approved before the president can sign it in law. the aides say that is why he has not gone to hawaii yet. he is staying here at the white house this weekend. >> arthel: let's get back to that keystone pipeline addition. of course, the republicans pushed for it. here is the question. can the white house keep it from being built? >> they can. and that is why the white house while the short-term looks like because the president had to accept some keystone pipeline language in there and this is a pipeline that would run from canada to texas, the republicans say it will create job in the oil and gas industry. democrats dispute the numbers. bottom line, all the language in the bill says the president has to make a decision. it doesn't mandate he say yes and approve it. he has to say yes or no in 60 days. some white house people says it means it's more likely that
3:37 pm
he will kill it saying it's too quick of a timeline. he wanted the state department to study it for another year. now the question, though, will be whether or not he takes a political hit for that. especially now that he has to decide on this. in an election year. there is a growing number of senate democrats to agree with the republicans to say pass the pipeline. >> arthel: boy, boy, boy. it keeps getting stickier and stickier there. all right, ed when hi. thank you. >> good to see you. >> arthel: same here. >> rick: well, members of congress are as popular as skunks at a garden party. the new poll finding record high support for throwing out most incumbents. 67% of voters say they do not want to see most members re-elected. the numbers could change from five years ago. let's brick in the panel. the chairman of civic foreign pac, former director for outreach for john mccain's presidential candidate. doug schoen is a fox news contributor.
3:38 pm
good to see you. doug, 67% say you're fired. not you, but incumbents. most of them anyway. what do you make of that? >> that there is a huge anti-incumbent mood to put everybody in jeopardy, rick, regardless of party. this isn't ideology. this isn't partisanship. this is wide-spread anger with washington and people want change. they want vast change. >> rick: as doug said, this isn't partisan. if you look at the numbers, the breakdown according to party, 58% of people who identify themselves as republicans say incumbents should be gone. 56% of democrats, 53% of independents. they say the member is not being institution, why do you think that is? >> this is a large anti-incumbent movement out there but it should be a wake-up call for republicans because most of them are saying the gridlock in congress is the republican
3:39 pm
responsibility. 40% say that. doug knows, the final makeup of congress will depend on the state of economy on the election day and who the eventual republican nominee is. that is the key because of the coattails of the presidential race. >> rick: doug, 40% of people blame republican leadership for a lack of anything serious getting done in washington, d.c. why do the republicans take such a hit there when it's the president and the democrats, the senate is run by democrats? >> because the tea party has created a level of intransigence on the republican right, which is basically permeated the house and the republicans in the senate. john boehner who is up on the screen now and eric cantor are not running the show. the voters understand that the tea party is. and while they want to reduce spending and cut size and scope of government, they don't want inflexibility or intransigence. that is what they are getting. >> rick: do you want to respond to that?
3:40 pm
that john boehner and eric cantor, republican leaders in house are not running the show? >> i think they are running the show. but to dug's point, if the republicans want to hold the house and win the senate, they have to do two things. first, refine their message on entitlement reform, regulatory reform and tax reform. they have to show it promotes job growth. when it comes to certain fiscal legislation in congress, they have to work with the democrats to push wide fiscal legislation. if they can do that, they will hold the house and win the senate. >> rick: you know, doug, if i had a dollar for every time i had too say the word "getting close to a government shutdown" over the last 12 months, i wouldn't have to be sitting here as much as i'm enjoying talking to you both. but i think that has got to play a large role in all of this. people are fed up with hearing about the country being on the brink of a shutdown. even today, the legislation that was passed, only two-month extension. what about getting something done for the long-term? >> ford is exactly right. we have a two-month extension, effectively meaningless. what it did is get us through
3:41 pm
christmas without a shutdown or government crisis. but bottom line, neither party is really offering entitlement reform, spending reform, tax reform and growth-oriented set of policies. if the republicans do it or the democrats they will get the vast majority of voters in center, independents want political change. they want results. and they want constructive action. frankly, they are not getting it from either side. least of all, republican right. >> rick: you know, ford, i wonder if there is a trickle-down perhapser or trickle-up from the negative feelings toward congress to republicans who are running for president. certainly no former member of congress is as prominent right now as newt gingrich. who is trying to win the g.o.p. nomination. does his path in congress somehow taint his run for the g.o.p. nomination right now? >> well, it very well could. i think that the obama administration is hoping that they face newt gingrich in the general election, because they want to play on that.
3:42 pm
right now, mitt romney is best positioned to help the republicans hold the house and win the senate. but again, that is up to the republican primary voters to decide whether they want electability or a strong fighter who best represents their interest. it will have a huge impact up and down the ticket. the good thing is the united states senate, we only need net four, only playing defense in two seats. massachusetts and nevada. 2019 certainly not going to be -- 2012, certainly not going to be boring. >> rick: does this speak to your latest effort, that i didn't get directly from you and we spent three hours together on debate night but i read about it in the paper. your effort to form a group to form a third party? >> is trying to have alternative nominating process, rick, to put candidates on the ballot in 50 states with online nominating process. it's even more today given fridaylock we have seen this week in congress. so, absolutely. >> rick: next time, i want the scoop. >> you will get it first. >> rick: doug schoen, ford o'connel, thank you for being
3:43 pm
here. enjoy the rest of the weekend and the holidays. >> thank you. >> arthel: very good. it may be one of the coolest things in home heating. why the new thermostat -- there it is -- looks just like an ipod. how it could save you cold, hard cash. you found it. wow. nice place. ye. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail flat rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate. paid for postagenline and arranged a free pickup. and i'm gonna track them online, too. nice. between those boxes and this place, i'm totally stayinsane this year. do i smell snickerdoodles? maybe. [ timer dings ] got to go. priority mail fla rate shipping at a simpler way to ship. forty years ago, he wasn't worried about retirement. he'd yet to hear of mutual funds, iras, or annuities. back then, he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future but fortunately, somebody else was.
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>> arthel: well, i know you want to keep warm this winter. how about looking cool while doing it? this next one is for you. called the thermostat of the future and it could save you some cold, hard cash. live in los angeles, hey, claudia? >> you know,vy been playing with the high-tech gadget all day. it's a little bit of fun. unlike most thermostats, this one has got advanced features that can help lower energy. like motion sensors that can tell when people leave or enter a room and adjust the temperature accordingly. it's also a smart thermostat that over times learn the temperature you like best and
3:48 pm
tries to nudge you outside your comfort zone. when the little leaf icon pops up on the screen, you know you are conserving energy. >> save 5% of energy for that time period when the leaf is up, as opposed to 72, which might be more comfortable. but you will save money, 73 is not that big of a difference for your comfort but could save a lot of energy. >> the first batch of these thermostats sold out fast. the company says that is because more people want an easier way to program their thermostat, which controls 50p of their home's energy use. forget the clunky beige box. this has a touch screen, interface and rotating click wheel. move it up or down to set the temperature and it has built-in wi-fi so you can see how much energy you can use with the app and how much you conserve and change settings from anywhere in the world. now, with the click wheel
3:49 pm
technology sounds familiar, it's nest developed by a former apple executive who helped launch the ipod. here, too, every detail was considered from the glowing color to a concierge service. it costs $250. more than most thermostats out there. but the confiden company is cont it will help save on the energy bill they say in an average home it will pay for itself in two years. >> arthel: i would drive it crazy. i'm always changing the temperature from one degree higher and one degree lower. claudia, thank you. speaking of thermostat, i think the thermostat outside in new york city is set at 34, rick. are you freezing yet? >> rick: all right. last minute gift ideas that won't make it seem like you waited until the last minute. from consumer reports when we come right back. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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approximate >> well, the clock is ticking. >> by the way, if you still have to shop joining us from consumer report shop smart sue
3:54 pm
pierre had nice gifts. >> everything is in the store and we are good to g. >> ipod touch. this is number 7. generation of this. it is fantastic. it is not just a music player. it is a great one but like an iphone without the phone. it has autopsy of the apps and do video chatos this. face to face. and it is $200 it starts out up to $400. and barnes and noble nook. >> tab let computers are so hot. barnes and nobble nook is 250 and great screen and quality and unique features to the nook. and thousands of apps and stream line movies from net flicks. it has the read to me feature. and you can record your voice
3:55 pm
reading a bed time. and that i like >> i want my husband to know i really want this. it is so great for women . petite is tiny. it is craftsman cordless grill. >> made in the usa. >> made in the usa. $70 from sears it is available and you can order it on line and pick tup in the sears store which is perfect good. >> you can't go wrong with a bottle of champagne. it is one of our top rated sparkling wines . it is 16 dollars . skip the mylard bag. i tied a couple of inetc.
3:56 pm
pensive champagne flutes . peach or resp berry and you run out of time and energy. go with a gift card and make it a store card. avoid the bank issue card because they charge you are charged extra charges. >> always good to see you. everybody done with your shopping. >> all right. >> and hopefully you are paying attention. >> and hopefully that does it for us. kelsy wants a 15 inch tv. >> the fox report with harris fall ucer is coming up next. merry christmas. [ engine revs ]
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